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Parkway Little League

Spring Season Overview

The spring baseball season is Parkway's most popular, and attracts over 700 children to participate each year.  Parkway Little League offers several divisions of play for players aged 4-12, from Tee Ball through Majors as described below.  PLL strives to build a love of the game and to develop strong fundamental skills in each player.

As described in the League Overview page, all players must meet residency and age requirements to be eligible to participate with Parkway Little League.

There are 4 divisions of play in the Spring season:



Additional Information
Majors10-12Eligible by tryout only, held in September each year
Minors9-1212-year-olds are ineligible to pitch and require a waiver to participate
Tee Ball4-6 

The player's age as of August 31 following the spring season is the basis for their "Little League Age".  Please match your child's month and year of birth to the table below to determine their "Little League Age"

Parents should register their children for the division available to them based on their Little League age, and make a request via email to [email protected] if they would like to request a waiver for another division.

Divisions of Play


This division continues Parkway Little League’s long history of a strong neighborhood T-Ball program and is designed for children league ages 4 through 6. Parkway’s T-Ball program is intended to provide a foundation and introduction to baseball that is grounded in fun, fitness, and the core fundamentals of baseball.  Team practices are usually optional and scheduled at the discretion of the team manager. The T-Ball division does not maintain scores or standings and should be viewed as an entry level program with its primary focus on children having fun over everything else.

Games last one hour, and are usually scheduled for Sunday mornings from 8am-1pm and Wednesday evenings from 5pm-8pm.

Playing Time: This division uses an all-player lineup with free substitution. Teams will bat the entire order on offense each inning based on the number of players attending. Defensive alignments and substitutions are at the discretion of the team manager


This division is intended to introduce players to a simulated real-game baseball experience at an earlier age, through a progression model using both tee and kid pitch.  The intention of this model is to provide each kid with more at-bats per game while focusing on core fundamentals of the game such as fielding, throwing, catching, pitching and game-like situations.   Pursuant to Little League regulations, rosters are limited to players age 7 & 8. 

In this format, coaches are encouraged to be actively engaged to teach game situations and (1) umpire will be present to simulate a full game experience. The instructional division will maintain game scores, team standings, and feature an end-of-season playoffs format (league discretion). Coaches will focus more on game fundamentals, enhancing skills, game situations and game preparation rather than win-at-all costs competition.   

Playing Time:  The instructional division uses 9 players defensively with free substitution. Teams will bat the entire order on offense until 3 outs, 5 runs, or the full batting lineup have been reached, with exception of the 6th inning where there is no maximum for runs or batters.  An on-field coach(es) will be available to teach kids the fundamentals of hitting, throwing and fielding as well as real-time game situations.  Pitch count rules for pitchers and catchers remain in effect (but a pitcher may not exceed inning pitched per game).  


The Minors division offers full player-pitch competition with (2) umpires. Rosters are limited to players ages 9-11. Players age 12 registering after the Major division tryout are automatically enrolled in the Minor division and assigned to the Player Agent List for possible call-up to a Major division team (based on availability). Players age 12 may also waive their Major privileges and remain in Minors for the duration of the season upon league approval of a waiver requested by their parent (but are not eligible to pitch per Little League International). The division format will provide for greater competition and enable more focused instruction and skill development, while preparing ballplayers under a competitive environment. The Minors season will feature a full playoff bracket and championship series.

Playing Time: The Minors division uses 9 players defensively with free substitution. Playing time is at the discretion of the team manager, but not less than (2) innings defensively. Teams will bat the entire order on offense. Pitch count rules for pitchers and catchers remain in effect. Players league-age 12 are not permitted to pitch.


This is the highest level of play in Parkway Little League for players ages 10 thru 12. This division consists of a single 9 team league, is capped at 12 players per roster, and is conducted under the strictest interpretation of the rules and regulations of Little League International. Players are selected annually by tryout and draft during the fall season. In accordance with the Little League International rules, attendance at tryouts assures each 12 year old player a roster position and each player under 12 a chance to be drafted or a spot on the Player Agent’s list for filling any vacancy that may occur during the season. 

Playing Time: This division uses a 9 player lineup. Playing time is at the discretion of the team manager, but not less than (2) innings defensively and (1) at-bat. Pitch count rules for pitchers and catchers remain in effect