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Parkway Little League

Get Involved!

Parkway Little League is run entirely by an amazing group of volunteers who love the Parkway community and the game of baseball.  The league is always looking for new volunteers to help out, particularly with coaching in the lower levels.  Please find out how you can get involved - email us at [email protected]

Information for Volunteers

The safety of all players, volunteers, and families within Parkway Little League is our utmost concern.  For this reason, there are several steps that all volunteers must take in order to be eligible to coach or otherwise have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams.

All volunteers with Parkway Little League are required to complete the following steps:

1. Create a user account on the Parkway Little League website.

2. Register as a volunteer for each appropriate program (eg. 2021 Spring Season):
  - Click "Volunteer" on the left of your account page, followed by "Register Now!"
  - Choose the Program and complete all fields marked as required *

3. Once per year (for most this will be before the start of the Spring season), undergo two different background checks.

First, a nationwide background check.  This is run through JDP .  The league Safety Officer will submit the name and email address that was provided during the volunteer registration step to JDP.  JDP will then directly email each volunteer a personalized link that each user can use to securely submit any data needed for the background check.  Once this is complete, JDP will send the results back to the Safety Officer who will review them and take action as needed.

Second, a State of Massachusetts CORI check.  Each volunteer must complete and sign the Parkway Little League CORI Consent Form and submit it to the PLL Safety Officer to complete the CORI check, along with a copy of a non-expired government issued photo ID (eg. Drivers License or Passport).  These should be sent to [email protected].

4.  Once per year (for most this will be before the start of the Spring season), every volunteer must complete the HEADS UP to Youth Sports: Online Concussion Training Course, and submit a copy of the completion certificate to the Safety Officer.

In addition to the above, one coach per team is required to attend a league run First Aid Training course.  For the Spring 2021 season, this training will be offered on a date to be determined.

Please also see the Policies and Procedures page for some additional information and regulations involving volunteering with Parkway Little League: